Dr Ernest Kwarko is the Technical Advisor to the Covid-19 Team in Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly

Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly is advocating workplace policy on Covid-19 to curtail the spread of the disease in the work environment.

Technical Advisor to the Metro Covid-19 Team, Dr Ernest Kwarko, believes such a measure will be crucial in containing other infectious diseases.

“Where people would have to huddle and work together, the working environment can be a breeding ground for any infectious diseases,” he said.

He spoke at a workshop for employees of the assembly in Kumasi.

The Finance Ministry and BOST have recently been shut down following the detection of cases. Dr Kwarko alluded to reports of workplaces “becoming hotspots” for the pandemic

The Finance Ministry and BOST, COCOBOD are among institutions that have been wholly or partly shut down as a result of increasing infection or staff.

The Covid-19 Team has been taking the staff of various departments through preventive measures.

Dr Kwarko said discussions will lead to a proposed policy which can be useful for other corporate institutions.

“By so doing we’ll be able to craft a workplace policy for ourselves so we’ll have the moral confidence to go out to all corporate groups and industries to bring out a policy to limit the spread,” he said.

Human Resource Manager at KMA, Grace Omari-Sasu, looks forward to improved Covid-19 preventive practices after the training.