Made in Ghana awards nominees unveiled

Some nominated indigenous made-in-Ghana products and industries have been shortlisted to receive the Pride of Ghana honours at the sixth edition of the Made in Ghana Awards and Exhibition 2019.

The Made-in-Ghana Awards 2019 is an initiative of Entrepreneurs Foundation of Ghana (EFG). This year’s event is being organized on the theme: “Promoting Industrialization, the key to job creation and Economic Development”. The gala dinner and exhibition is scheduled for Friday, August 30, 2019 at the Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City.

The key objective of the award is a campaign to seek the pride of indigenous most celebrated premium quality and competitive products and service industries to create awareness, provide a boost to their reputation, increase the products’ credibility in international markets and build product loyalty to save the local manufacturing industries from collapse.

It is also to promote, advertise and market quality manufactured productsand industries which have exhibited excellence in manufacturing practices and standards, industry personalities in Ghana, in an effort to reduce the Cedi depreciation against the U.S dollar, provide the platform for consumers to patronize made-in-Ghana products and service organizations.

The official product nominees shortlisted are: GTP Adepa Dumas, Nkulenu Palm Soup Base,Nexans Kabelmetal Electrical Cables, Everpack Papa Jumbo, Accra Brewery Club Premium Lager,Ghandour Cocoa Paa! PRINCESS Cocoa Butter Hand & Princess Paa Rose Anti-perspirant Roll-on,Coca-Cola Soft Drink, Malta Guinness, Bel-Aqua Mineral Water,KasaprekoAlomoBitters & Storm Energy,Blue Skies Mango, Orange & Banana Juice,GIHOCApet Dry Gin, Intelligent Card Production Systems Ltd.(Margin Group),Ghana Card & Vehicle Registration System (VRS) card,Niche Milk Chocolate,M& G Polyfer Forte Syrup and capsules,WireWeaving Ultimate Welded Mesh,Azar Paint,Kane-em Plastic Closures(K-CAPS) & Food Container, Beatex Old Soldier Jumbo Mosquito Coil,Poly Tanks  & Mobile Toilet.          

Other categories are: Unilever Ghana Ltd, Berrak Deva Lux Aroma Therapy Shower Gel & Hand Soap,Berrak Nova Max Purezone Thick Bleach, Melcom Made in Ghana Festival,Royal Crown Corrugated Paper Cartons ,Ghana Nuts Akoma Soya Bean  Oil, Avnash Royal Farmer Rice, Daily Food Boss Baker Beef Roll, Supreme State A1 Bread,JRA Lion Plus Antiseptic Disinfectant,Inesfly Bed Bugs Solution,Daud Ointment,Medi-Moses Prostacure Herbal Tea ,Suzzy Herbal Sibi Men & Women’s Capsules,Taabea Herbal Mixture,SeKaf Tama Shea Butter Body Lotion & Soap, KaysensGaisie Ltd,Raincoat Clean Colorbond Roofing & Truecore TrussesCharger Happy Man Bitters Liberty Industries KpooKeke liquor Unilever Lifebuoy Soap, GIHOC Distilleries Company Ltd, Mohinani Group ,Entrance Pharmaceuticals &Research Centre and Bel-aqua Active Vitamin Water.                         

The industry personality categories include:  Most Outstanding Ghanaian Personality of the Year, Overall Best Industrialist, Industrialist of the Year, Best Humanitarian Personality,Best Young Industrialist, OutstandingGhanaian Ambassador, Female Industrial Leadership Award,Best Woman Industrialist, Best Manufacturing Personality and Best Diplomatic Mission of the Year.

The Premium Quality categories include: Overall Best Quality Product of the Year, Best Quality Product of the Year, Premium Quality Alcoholic Bitters, Premium Quality Fruit Juice,Product Hall of fame Award, Premium Quality Alcoholic Beer Premium Quality Confectionery, Premium Quality Pharmaceutical Product, Premium Quality  Building & Construction Product, Premium Quality Colorbond Roofing & Truecore Trusses, Premium Quality Paper Tissue, Premium Quality Rubber & Plastics ,Premium Quality Electrical Cable, Premium Quality Herbal Tea, Premium Quality Herbal Mixture, Premium Quality Anti-bacterial Soap,Premium Quality Cosmetics, Premium Quality Shea Butter Product, Premium Quality Paint ,Premium Quality Toiletries ,Premium Quality Disinfectant Premium Quality  Soft Drink, Premium Quality Alcoholic Beverage and Premium Quality Non- Alcoholic Product.

The Best Quality categories include:Best Multinational Manufacturing Industry,Best State-Owned Manufacturing Industry of the Year, Best Manufacturing Industry of the Year, Best New Indigenous Product,Most Promising Herbal Bitters, Best Quality Liquor,Best Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry,Best Quality Vegetable Cooking Oil,Best Quality Agrofood ,Best Quality Packaged Pastries,Best Quality Food Bakery, Best Quality New Product ,Best Quality Mosquito Coil Best Quality Antiseptic,Best Quality Insecticide ,Best Quality Herbal Ointment Best Quality Herbal Capsules,Best Packaging Industry andBest Distributor of the Year         

Products entered were scored against five parameters that demonstrated overall Product Premium Quality, Product Content (local materials), Product labelling & Packaging, Product Competitiveness and product standard certification.