The Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) has announced its decision to roll out a mandatory vehicle towing system, effective October 2022.

According to General Secretary of the GPRTU, Godfred Abulbire, the initiative is to ensure the quick removal of faulty vehicles from roads.

In an interview with Daily Graphic, Mr. Abulbire noted that the new towing system is in partnership with the Road Safety Management Service Limited (RSMSL).

He indicated that drivers will have to subscribe to an online application that has been developed to effectively deliver the service.

The contractual agreement between the GPRTU and RSMSL, he noted requires vehicle owners to pay annual subscription fees depending on the type of vehicle.

The fees are; Taxis, GH¢50; “Trotros”, GH¢80; long buses, GH¢300; and articulated trucks, GH¢500.

He announced that the project will take place in October, 2022, with the incubation period spanning between August and September.

“We will use this incubation period for sensitization so that people will begin to hook up on to the system,” he revealed.

Mr. Abulbire said the RSMSL had brought in over 250 towing trucks to guarantee that every district gets at least, one towing center.

He explained that, the laid down process that had been developed by RSMSL would allow drivers to sign up for the system with their corresponding details.

“You will now send the receipt you will be given to your Union Chairman to be issued a card which will be your license or document you will use to access the towing service”.

According to the union secretary, a five percent discount will be enjoyed by subscribers who have 10 vehicles or more.

He added that the system has an effective reporting system that enables drivers, passengers and passersby to report incidents of faulty vehicles for immediate action.

“There is a motivation system for members of the public who report accidents to the RSMSL for prompt action,” he said.

He affirmed that the GPRTU constitutes 85 percent of the private transport space and is well equipped to administer this mandatory vehicle towing service.

He reckoned that the trade union has 2,100 branches across the country, with over 2.6 million vehicles and 3 million drivers.

He asserted that the union would leverage its dominance in the transport industry to ensure the towing levy is effectuated.

He said when the new towing policy is fully implemented, any driver without the vehicle towing identification card would be denied the right to load at any of GPRTU’s terminals.

“We do not want to make it optional; it is mandatory, so when we begin, every member of the union will have to hook up to it,” he emphasized.

Mr. Abulbire said the National Road Safety Association [NRSA] has issued directives to transport terminals and unions to engage and train their drivers as part of measures to control road crashes.

He further stated that the trade union sees this initiative as innovative means to protect the public.