Energy, passion and good music are three words that best described the spectacle on Friday, December 3.

Fast-rising Ghanaian artiste, Marince Omario had assembled a line-up of current and upcoming talents at one of Accra’s nightlife hubs, Serallio.

The event hosted at Osu, dubbed ‘Gbonyo Party’ saw fanatics enjoying songs from a mix of genre-bending backgrounds to give fans a night to remember as the yuletide beckons.

‘Gbonyo Party’ is a slang used by the Ga tribe in Accra used to describe funerals.

The phrase is also the title of a song off his 2020 EP ‘Tsotsoo,’ a project that weaves together contemporary Ga culture and soulful instrumentals.

Marince, who doubles as a member of the A-Squad collective, explained that the event was meant to metaphorically kill off the negative energy and promulgate the rebirth of life and goodwill, hence the name.

He took the audience through electrifying performances together with others like Black Sherif and Spacely who equally rocked the stage.

Some of the musicians who performed include, Asi Renie, Baaba J, Questo, The Art, WES7AR 22, Juma Mufasa, Avit, Moffy among others.

Versatile disk jockey, Wanzam The Classic DJ was on the turntable for the night.

Social media users who were present have also hailed the concert as one that will be worth replicating every year.


The author, Kenneth Awotwe Darko is a journalist, music enthusiast and social media analyst.

Follow him on Twitter via @TheKennethDarko and on Facebook, Kenneth Awotwe Darko.


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