Ghanaians have expressed diverse reactions towards calls for national lockdown amidst the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

Whilst others think a lockdown will be the best solution to halt the spread of the dreadful coronavirus, some are of the view that it will take a toll on their livelihood.

A resident at Jamestown, Wayo told Joy News’ Maxwell Agbagba that he does not support a lockdown since the majority of them are in the informal sector and heavily depend on their daily ends meet.

He said for a lockdown to actually succeed in the community, government must provide basic needs else they will have no choice than to step out to find means to fend for themselves.

“During the closed fishing season, life was difficult for us, so people resorted to stealing just to feed themselves, so if government should implement the lockdown, life will be hard for us,” he said.

Another resident, Apertor supports the lockdown imposition since it will forestall the spread of the COVID-19, however, he notes that it would be difficult for him when implemented.

“I have not packed or stocked foodstuffs for my household should government implement a lockdown and my income is also low and makes it difficult for me to shop at this time.”

Speaking to some petty traders in Accra, a trader told Joy News’ Hannah Odame that the directive will affect her livelihood.

“I do ‘hand to mouth’ so if they should lockdown even in Accra that means they are taking the food from my mouth.”

Another added, “I do not support a lockdown at all, because when it is implemented how will traders cater for the family?”

A water distributor who was not in support of a potential lockdown indicated that it will affect households who do not have access to potable water in the Greater Accra region.

People on social media have also shared their views on the possible closedown of the country.

” Total Lockdown paa de3 unless them swipe me before I go comply to it oo,” one tweeted.