Bloomberg’s June 8 update indicates that the world’s race to end the Covid-19 pandemic, has recorded more than 2.19 billion doses being administered across 178 countries, translating to a rate of about 37.8 million doses a day per.

The 2.19 billion vaccines administered represents significant success considering the world’s current population of about 7 billion. This is according to data gathered from government agencies, public statements, Bloomberg interviews and the World Health Organization and Johns Hopkins University.

Globally, China is leading the vaccination race in terms of number of doses administered. Bloomberg data shows that over 700 million doses have been administered in Mainland China. China is directly followed by the U.S with more than 300 million doses administered.

Regarding the percentage of population to receive at least one dose, Seychelles has taken the front seat with vaccines enough to vaccinate about 70% of its population.

Although countries and regions with high incomes are vaccinating 30 times faster than those with low incomes, the 14.19% percent representing individuals fully vaccinated, is still a significant progress in the world’s race to end the pandemic. In countries with high rates of vaccinations, data show that Covid-19 rates have declined significantly.

Focus on Ghana

As at 7th May 2021, Ghana had vaccinated a total of 852,047 individuals which represents a little over 2% of the country’s population. Covid-19 update on June 2, 2021 shows that the country’s total number of cases stands at 94,228. Of the 94,228 cases recorded, 92,362 have recovered while active cases stance at 1,079. Meanwhile, the country has a total Covid-19 deaths of 787.

Top 10 Countries with the Highest Number of Vaccines Administered

Country                                                      Total Doses Administered

1. Mainland China                                                     794,134,000

2. U.S.                                                                        303,923,667

3. India                                                                      238,840,635

4. Brazil                                                                      73,858,484

5. U.K                                                                         68,800,879

6. Germany                                                                 55,546,616

7. France                                                                     40,237,289

8. Italy                                                                         39,163,165

9. Mexico                                                                     34,600,289

10. Russia                                                                     33,000,000