A member of opposition National Democratic Congress’ (NDC’s) Covid-19 management team has called for commercial drivers to decrease the number of passengers they transport at a time.

Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings speaking at a press conference in Accra Tuesday said this must be done to “in order to satisfy the social distancing requirements laid out.”

This, the MP for Klottey Korle said must be done through “an incentive scheme with enforcement…”

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Dr. Agyeman-Rawlings called for “compulsory supervised hand washing for all passengers and regular hand washing for all drivers.”

“Ensuring regular disinfection of doors and seats especially before and after passengers have been transported.

“A shift system established with the input of the drivers’ unions and welfare associations to minimise the number of drivers congregating in any given station at a time,” she added.

On commercial motor riders, the legislator said a solution must be devised to ensure that they do not become a means of the dreaded virus spreading.

“A very important question to address is the ubiquitous okada riders and how we help them to avoid becoming the means of transmission of the virus from person to person and area to area given their inability to trace their passengers,” she said.

On the nature of the country’s markets, Dr Agyeman-Rawlings said enough has not been done authorities to ensure the safety of the traders and their patrons.

“The various assemblies must, as a matter of urgency, provide Veronica buckets, soap and disinfectants for the markets to reduce their risk of exposure and risk of transmission of the virus.

“This must be coupled with a serious education drive by the National Commission on Civic Education (NCCE) and Health Directorates at the district level.”

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