Economist, Dr. Lord Mensah says the two major political parties in Ghana, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) do not have a clear cut answer when it comes to the question of funding manifesto promises.

According to the Senior Finance lecturer at the University of Ghana Business School, the only time they come close to giving Ghanaians an idea about the financing is through private sector engagements.

Speaking to JoyNews’ George Wiafe on PM Express, Dr. Mensah asked Ghanaians to weigh manifesto promises and vote accordingly as Ghana heads towards the December 7 polls.

“Whatever has been promised, should give you a guide as to the proportion that can be delivered on the ground.

“We have history, Party’s have promised in the past and we always measure them based on what they deliver.

“If you look at it and you realize that the variation between what was promised and what is delivered is huge, then you should know that someone is being untruthful.

“That should guide you as a voter,” he said.

The Economist urged Ghanaians not to be caught up by the numerous ‘freebies’ offered by both major parties since according to him, they are only deferred payments that Ghanaians would eventually have to pay for.

“Deferred payments in the sense that they are not sustainable they are things that would bounce back in the long run.

“If the government tells you, you are enjoying free electricity and water now, you shouldn’t be so happy.

“Going forward, if the government gets hard-up with funds they have no choice but to squeeze you the citizens to pay back whatever has been lost,” he stated.

He urged the government to find strategic and cheaper ways to attract funds for project sustainability and progress of the country.