New Obama book authored by Ghanaian scholar to be launched in US

New Obama book authored by Ghanaian scholar to be launched in US
Source: Ghana|| Nathan Gadugah
Date: 02-09-2016 Time: 09:09:52:am

An African scholar, a Ghanaian brain will on September 9 2016, outdoor to the world a surgical analysis of the legacy of US President Barrack Hussein Obama.

Dr Etse Sikanku will be launching his new book “The Afrocentric Obama and lessons on political campaigning,”  first at the University of Iowa, USA, before returning to his country for the Ghana launch.

In what will be a moment-seizing event, the young Ghanaian, will tell the world a new story-the African side of president Barrack Obama- which has largely been overlooked, but which holds lots of promise to many global figures and African leaders in particular.

Through books, speeches written by Barrack Obama and newspaper representations of him, Dr Etse Sikanku captures in the most succinct and scholarly manner the African heritage  of the global leader and how that heritage influenced his political communication and activities.

"Most of the research on Obama is within the racial constructs of the US though Afrocentrism is a major part of Obama. The book fills this gap....."

"That is the goal of this exercise. To understand Obama from an African perspective," Dr Sikanku said in an interview with

Wearing the hat of a lecturer, researcher, political analyst and a trained journalist, Dr Sikanku brings all these experiences to bear in his thoroughly researched, well articulated piece which will provide no dull moment in reading.

Obama book

Power of Oratory

While it remains an undeniable fact that Barrack Obama is an orator par excellence, the contribution or influence of that oratory to the great Obama story is yet to be explored into detail.

In "The Afrocentric Obama and lessons on political campaigning,” book, Dr Sikanku reveals how the power of language and rhetoric became the game changer for an American society which was at the crossroads before Obama burst into the scene.

"Through the power of language and speeches, Obama was able to inspire a nation, was able to get a lot of people to believe in his ideas and ideals; was able to challenge the country to rise up to their highest ambitions at the time the country was going through debilitating wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.. Obama was able to bring the country together through his solid rhetoric.

"As politicians one of the things we can learn is that language is important, language is very powerful in our national conversation," he added.

The book suggests that values are important to national development. Obama was a national and global phenomenon and the book addresses those aspects of his politics and values that are related to Africa and can be useful to governance, leadership and democracy in Africa and across the globe.

What gives the book away is the cover, which has an artist impression of Barrack Obama cut in a frame of an African king, adorned in Ghana's rich Kente cloth, and wearing a gentle smile with his usual little but powerful finger pointing into the future.

The book will officially be made available for the global audience after the September 9 launch date in the US after which it will be launched in Ghana on October 8 in Ghana.

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