Cancer disfigures head of 2-year old, sticks mother with ¢12,000 bill

Cancer disfigures head of 2-year old, sticks mother with ¢12,000 bill
Source: Ghana||Edwin Appiah|
Date: 09-11-2017 Time: 02:11:39:pm

Cancerous cells work tirelessly with destructive creativity to disfigure his forehead and skull until two-year old Bright looks anything but bright.

It has been like this for about a year after his parents spotted a small boil on his forehead and banished the swelling as a non-entity.

But the boil boiled with other ideas. Morning, noon and night, the cancerous tumor broke down issues and bore through with cruel determination of a fall army worm.

One eye has been severely punched to make way for expansion works of the dangerous cells. The eye drips with a whitish-yellow discharge denying Bright even the right to shed clear tears.

The other eye is swelling too, an obvious target for the insatiable destruction going on in the boy's body.

And then there is this other 'small matter' of a big tummy. That one was when a small boy threw a stone which hit his abdomen, her mother says.

It has been swelling since, leaving Bright with a shiny stomach.  Stone at the abdomen? Stone at the abdomen?

Cancer Bright

Bright closet lookalike is extra-terrestrial creatures found only on Hollywood screen of imaginative alien movies.

Her mother - a single mother - was directed to Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital when she first reported the growth at a health center at Battor in the Volta region.

But poverty undermined her ability to take the directive seriously because seriously is an adjective for money.

When she finally mustered courage to go to the hospital, the doctors at Korle-Bu told her, her son needs chemotherapy and some medical investigations.

Complex medical terms whittled down to mean Bright needs 12,000 cedis.

Cancer Bright

And so she came back home and carries her boy behind her back. The boy holds on to her mother like a cliff-hanger situation. She is the only one he knows to care enough to hold him and hug him.

And if he does not get 12,000 cedis, Bright may one day no longer hug her. She may hold him, but he won't hold her back.


To help Bright, kindly follow these details;

Barclays Bank 

Multimedia Ltd

Acct Number: 041-2018-095

Mobile money number: 0540122612

Pay-in as Bright Larweh

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