Affordable hotels in Ghana for the best conference experience

Affordable hotels in Ghana for the best conference experience
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Date: 06-09-2017 Time: 05:09:52:pm

Business! That seems to be the order of the day right? In case you may not have noticed, there is a general sense of seriousness in the air these days. After the holidays comes a period of strict business and everyone is looking to make up for lost time and make some more money.

In Ghana, there is this general perception that hotels are expensive and as such to get a nice hotel with great facilities to host that business meeting or conference will cost large sums of money.

We cannot assume this is true by merely looking at the class and luxury of services provided by these hotels. What we cannot also do is to conclude that this is false. However, we can take a closer look at some hotels by comparatively looking at the rates of their rooms and the high level of service delivered as against other hotels around the world.

You will be surprised to find out that Ghana has some amazing business hotels that come at very competitive rates. Below, Jumia Travel, Africa’s leading online travel website looks at a few affordable hotels in Ghana for the best conference experience.

Swiss Spirit Hotel & Suites Alisa, Accra

Swiss Spirit Hotel and Suites Alisa Accra is a plush and beautiful 4-star luxury hotel located in the demanding neighbourhood a North Ridge, Accra. Where else do you want to have that business meeting, end of year review or product launch? The hotel also features meeting/banquet facilities to host social and corporate events. The food, the ambience and the logistics are exquisite. With well trained staff and great facilities to accommodate both local and international clients, you are definitely at the right place.

Accra City Hotel, Accra

Accra City hotel is an outstanding, luxury 4-star hotel in Accra, Ghana that is very popular among locals and very easy to locate. The hotel boasts 24-hour electricity and air-conditioning. Free WiFi is provided for all guests at Accra City. Ideal for a business trip or holiday in Accra, different meeting and banqueting facilities can be provided for social and corporate gatherings. Parking on site is available. Being in the heart of the city and very easy to access makes it an ideal location for your business meetings, conferences and events. The prices will leave you jaw dropped. For the kind of service you get, this is a bargain!

Golden Tulip Hotel, Kumasi City

Golden Tulip hotel is the best luxury hotel in Kumasi offering high quality and professional services to all guests. Golden Tulip Kumasi City is a modern plush 4-star facility snugly tucked away in the serene environs of Nyiaeso in the Garden City-Kumasi is the second capital city of Ghana. The 1st class Golden Tulip Kumasi hotel boasts of 24 hours electricity supply, free WIFI accessible in each room and a large conference hall for all forms of meetings. Golden Tulip Kumasi City, Kumasi has security cameras all over the premises and it’s a safe haven for both business and leisure travellers. The hotel boasts banqueting and meeting facilities for social and corporate gatherings. In the garden city, where else will you get the best conference facilities at unbeatable prices? Look no further.

Protea Hotel, Takoradi

Protea Hotel is a high-rated luxury 4-star hotel in the prime location in Takoradi. The hotel is second to none, ranging from the stylishly contemporary to the opulently elegant. The 132-rooms at Protea Hotel represents an oasis of comfort and hospitality within close proximity to the Takoradi airport and seaport. The safe haven Protea Hotel boasts first-class conference facilities and up-to-date fitness facilities. In the oil city where business booms regularly, there is only one place where all your conference and meeting needs are solved with absolute service and amazing facilities at impressive rates. Choose Protea Hotel and experience more for less.

Bird Rock Hotels, Anomabo

Birdrock Hotels is a classic upscale hotel in Anomabu which is a favourite for visitors to the area especially tourists. Each room is fitted with an air conditioner, ornate lampshades, a flat-screen TV with satellite reception, a Persian rug, a reading table, arm chairs, and designed with an en-suite bathroom. The hotel features an event facility ideal for social and corporate events. Being a bit out of town makes it ideal for team building activities and corporate getaways as well. The prices when compared to the quality of services and the facilities available is just amazing.

Although affordable hotels suitable for conferencing and meetings are not limited to the ones above, you can trust these ones for now while making an informed choice for your next corporate event or business meeting. If you still aren’t convinced, then you know exactly where to go right? Just visit


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