Managing Director of Nyaho Medical Centre, Dr Elikem Tamaklo

The Managing Director of Nyaho Medical Centre, Dr Elikem Tamaklo has called on government to make full use of private public partnerships (PPP) in this time of a global pandemic.

He explained on the Super Morning Show Thursday that doing so can help give the country’s healthcare system the boost it deserves not only during the fight against coronavirus but also post-coronavirus.

“If you are talking about healthcare, Ghana’s healthcare system requires a lot of support. The private sector which was created out of a need counts for at least half of the healthcare industry which is the same thing that happens in other industries.

“The private sector has to be very agile and so this presents the opportunity for the government to leverage private sector players who can move quicker than what would happen in the public sector,” Dr Tamaklo said.

On the other hand, “the public sector can coordinate to ensure that there’s equity for all Ghanaians,” he added.

He believes a partnership between the private and public sector would make sure that the people involved are using their skills with fire power behind them for the benefit of the common good.

Dr Tamakloe commended government for so far supporting the local manufacturers for producing locally made Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

“Repurposing private sectors like those who have a skill that’s letting them to start manufacturing and produce for local use, I think this is the right way to go.

“The opportunity for Ghana is to fully benefit from the public private partnerships in this time.

“This is the lesson that we need to learn that in PPP we are different, everyone has different strengths. Now is the time to be noble enough to say some people are doing certain things well, ask who they are, bring all these competencies onto the table and let’s get on working,” he said.