The contractor of the demolished apartments at the Nigerian High Commission, Patrick Korlayebisi says the Commission had not received any warning or faced any litigation problems prior to the unwarranted exercise.

According to him, people from the Lands Commission had earlier visited the site when construction had resumed.

Mr Korlayebisi said they left shortly after that with no incidence when they learnt the building belonged to the Nigerian High Commission.

“It was, therefore, unfortunate that armed men later stormed the premises to pull down some buildings,” he said.

Armed men on Friday night stormed the Nigerian High Commissioner’s residence in Accra, Ghana with bulldozers to demolish a block of uncompleted apartments on the property.

The building was being constructed to house staff and visiting diplomats to the High Commission.

Following the demolition, diplomatic relations between Ghana and Nigeria have taken a sour turn, with the Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs in Nigeria, Yusuf Buba Yakub calling for sanctions against Ghana.

Some Nigerians who are not happy about the development have also expressed their disappointment, calling on the government to intervene.

Subsequently, an apology was issued by the Ghanaian government.

The State says it is working closely with the Ghana Police Service to investigate the situation.