The Minority in Parliament says Ghana’s COVID-19 case count will hit 100,000 in the next few months if the Electoral Commission is allowed to go ahead with plans to compile a new voter’s register. 

The House on Tuesday, green-lit a new constitutional instrument backing the EC’s plan to compile the new voter’s register.

Making a case against the new C.I., member of the Subsidiary Legislation Committee Magnus Amoatey argued the registration exercise will endanger the health of Ghanaians. 

“When we had 400 cases of Covid-19 we were not done. Today, we are almost at 10,000 and we are asking the EC to go and gather Ghanaians, 18 million Ghanaians to go and line up, queue, and right their names for a new register.” 

“I am sure and I’m not speculating, by the time we finish this registration a bulk of you, will record over a 100,000 positive cases of Covid-19. Let us desist from assembling people,” he added.

But Majority Leader in Parliament Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu says if the argument is allowed to hold, then the EC will also have no business organising the December 2020 elections either. 

“How are they going to vote for a mortuary in this house? That we should not have any election in early December because you’re saying 18 million would have to go and queue and vote.”

“If the argument is that 18 million or so people cannot go and queue to register today, 7th December the same principle will hold,” he stressed. 

“Let them move the motion now that there should not be any election and that the President of this country should continue as the President.”