The Volta Regional Minister, Dr. Archibald Letsa has refuted claims by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) that the government has failed to deliver some major campaign promises made.

He detailed that the government is fulfilling its promise of improving the region’s road infrastructure, while thousands of residents are benefiting from agricultural and educational policies being implemented.

“I want us to understand that our people are benefiting from the Free Senior High School (SHS) education. Our children, tens of thousands are benefiting. Many of our farmers are also benefiting from the planting for food and jobs and every assembly is implementing the planting and export for rural development.

“I want to say that the government did not say we will build factories in every constituency. We said the government will facilitate and partner with the private sector. We have done everything to bring in investors. But it takes time for people to come in,” he said.

The opposition NDC asserted the government was able to deliver 17% of its 2016 campaign promises to the Volta Region within the 3 and half year period of the New Patriotic Party’s administration.

However, addressing the press, Dr. Letsa indicated that the NPP has done more than what the NDC is trumpeting.

“There is a factor in Hohoe that has been enrolled on the one district one factory program. 

“There are others who have also appealed to the government to help them. So very soon we will see more of these factories coming up and these are all by private sector-led initiatives.”