CEO of Bullhaus Entertainment and artiste manager, Lawrence Asiamah Hanson, known in showbiz circles as ‘Bulldog’, is of the view that, stars are not born but made.

“We are all born empty. Nobody comes here with anything in their minds. After getting here, the way we respond to where we are is what makes our personality likable. You can’t see two babies and say that this one is a star and the other is not,” he told Andy Dosty in an interview on Daybreak Hitz.

This comes after rapper and linguist Okyeame Kwame said that, there are people who are born stars, and others who are made through what he terms the “push and pull factors”.

“Some stars are made and others are born. I know you’ve heard that statement. There are people who are born with a big persona. When they enter a room, they shut all the energy in the room with theirs,” the “Woso” rapper observed.

In a rebuttal to Okyeame Kwame’s view, Bulldog registered his standpoint by citing a scenario where a human being, irrespective of their melancholic nature, takes up the mantle to do something outrageous to attract attention.

“What you do is what makes you a star. You can be in a classroom of maybe 30 students, among which you are the quiet one. The teacher comes to talk all the time. Then one day you get up to say what the teacher is saying is nonsense. From that day, everyone in the classroom will hail you as a star, based on the feeling on what was happening at the time,” he stressed.

Furthermore, the talent manager supported his argument by saying stars are made through the efforts and sacrifices they are willing to make to achieve that status.

“Everyone has the trait or tendency to be a star in their own field. There are people who are doing extraordinary jobs in the hospitals and they are saving lives. Thus, in their field, they are stars. When you have a problem with something, other people will tell you “oh go and see this guy, he go solve am” So I no dey feel say you go fit born a star,” he told Andy Dosty.

Although Bulldog’s initial viewpoint addresses the ability to make someone a star, he firmly argued that one cannot be fully prepared towards becoming and sustaining the stature.

“You are a star. Now if you go out right now in your white suit, and a fan is dripping in sweat, sees and wants to hug you. Would you hug them back? You cannot be prepared for that. All I am saying is that, with stardom, no one is prepared,” he noted.

Bulldog has managed a couple of ‘stars’ in the Ghanaian music industry, including the defunct group VIP, Iwan, 5five, Natural Face and Shatta Wale.

He is currently managing afrobeats sensation Vanilla Muzik.