The Northern Regional Coordinator of Mental Health, Mumuni Fuseini has disclosed that the region is set to receive its first psychiatrists who will help manage and treat people with mental disorder.

According to him the Northern sector since 1981, has not had psychiatrists nor facilities where mentally ill persons can be treated, adding that with the coming of two psychiatrists will help improve the situation.

Speaking to the media at the Ghana Maternal Mental Health Programme Learning Conference organized by Gub-Katimali, a non-governmental organisation in Tamale, Mr Fuseini said the region has mental health nurses in all its districts providing mental health services.

Northern Region set to receive its first set of psychiatrists - Mumuni Fuseini

The Coordinator raised concerns over inadequate logistics and shortage of medicines hampering their activities.

The Executive Director of Gub-Katimali, Sheikh Abdul Kareem said for the past 16 years of the organization’s work in mental health in the Northern part of the country reveals that chunk of people who suffer from mental illness or epilepsy are women.

Sheikh Kareem said most often these women who are married women do not get care from their husbands, no access to treatment, shelter, clothing among others.

He noted that the organisation have supported a number of these people in various income-generating ventures which include hairdressing, sewing among others.

Northern Region set to receive its first set of psychiatrists - Mumuni Fuseini

Sheikh Kareem said out of 130 women who were mentally ill in their operational area, 50 per cent are stable now, adding that most of them have given birth and are doing well.

The Director said the organization has also supported 1,338 in registering for National Health Insurance.

He appealed to the district assemblies to include mentally ill persons and those with epilepsy benefit from the assembly’s common fund.

This, he believes, will ensure inclusiveness and good governance.