The Northern Regional Police Commander, COP Timothy Yoosa Bonga, has admonished the leaders of a demonstration that took place on September 25, to, in their own interest, turn in themselves.

‘I will advise here that the organisers should better turn themselves in, its good for them to report themselves to the police because wherever they are, we will go after them, we will pursue them and they can never hide” he said.

COP Yoosa Bonga said the demonstration was illegal, “It is illegal because they never informed the Police and above all, there were excesses, destructions, there were violence and damage to properties” he noted.

The Regional Police Commander assured that the Police will continue to work with NEDCo to ensure they continue to provide their services to customers. “The police will continue to work with NEDCo to make sure that they provide light for the people” he added.

Northern Regional Police Commander reprimands leaders of September 25 demonstration
COP Timothy Yoosa Bong

He said this when the Regional Security Committee engaged some chiefs in the Tamale Metropolis on how to resolve some mishaps that recently happened in the Metropolis.

His caution followed a demonstration that was held in protest against Police brutalities.

The youth cited the Changli, Salamba, Nanton Kpawumu and the recent happening as basis for their demonstration, but the Regional Police Commander maintained that what they did was unlawful. He said the Police would continue to work hard to ensure the area is peaceful.

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