Rami Baitie writes...On the fridge

Rami Baitie writes...On the fridge
Source: Rami Baitie | blog.ramitalks.com
Date: 14-05-2018 Time: 06:05:58:pm

Recently I was reminiscing about stuff I had in my office, (please go and read On The Wall posted earlier on this blog) and I shared some of these wonderful items with you. I mentioned in that post that I had stuff on my fridge in the office and that there were other magnets elsewhere. That would be on the fridge at home...

The fact that I see these magnets all the time shouldn't make you think that I spend a lot of time in the fridge. I just happen to saunter past the fridge every time I am loitering...in my home...

Anyway, I thought you would like to read some of them with me:

My Daily Routine: Get Up, Be Amazing, Go Back To Bed. Hey, if you've got it, flaunt it!
I'm Not Fat-I'm Just Easy To See. Look, I know fat people are also easy to see, but still...
I Only Want To Live Long Enough To Be A Problem To My Kids. Is this revenge? Is it just being human??
I'm Not Overweight....I'm Under-tall. Once again, getting physical!

Keep Calm And Lie About Your Age. When necessary...
Keep Calm And Eat Chocolate. Plenty!
Keep Calm And Carry On Dieting. Especially after the chocolate!

You Don't Have To Be Crazy To Work Here...We'll Train You. Some places just seem to take great delight in over-training you.
A True Friend Knows You Are A Good Egg, Even When They Know You Are Slightly Cracked. Of course the 'cracked' needs to be defined.
I Don't Suffer From Insanity. I Enjoy Every Minute Of It. Oh yes, I do!
Don't Rush Me. I'm Busy Waiting Until The Last Minute. And you just might be married to the last minute.

Instead Of Cleaning The House I Just Turn Off The Lights. A truly efficient way of cleaning: no energy consumption!
I'm So Broke I Can't Even Pay Attention. A very light feeling indeed.
Always Live Within Your Income, Even If You Have To Borrow Money To Do It. Sound financial advice.
All People Have The Right To Stupidity, But Some Abuse The Privilege. And abuse, and abuse, and abuse, and abuse...

Yummiest Steak. And there's a figure of a happy looking cow! Who looks this happy when they are about to go under the butcher's knife??
Pork Chop. And there's a figure of a pig standing on its hind legs dancing! When it's about to become a pork chop!? How?!
Tuk-tuk. - an image of a tuk-tuk taxi from Sri Lanka. We have two of them on our fridge, but I'm not sure why. They were death traps as I recall, especially if you are as heavy as I am.

I Love To Cook With Wine; Sometimes I Even Put It In The Food. I don't know how to cook, but the main cook in this house is always like, "1 swig for the pot, 3 for me!!"

Lead Me Not Into Temptation, I Can Find The Way Myself. Although I will admit that I can get lost sometimes.
Thou Shall Not Weigh More Than Thy Refrigerator. Well, if you take all the magnets off the refrigerator then it might not be that heavy.
I Love Mornings...I Just Wish They Came Later In The Day. Way later in the day.

I Went To London But All I Could Afford Was This Lousy Magnet. And it is still on the fridge as evidence.
Press Button For Maid. If No One Answers Do It Yourself. In fact, don't wait for an answer; just do it!
If God Had Wanted me To Touch My Toes He'd Have Put Them On My Knees. Amongst other parts! Who created exercise??
Don't Hate Yourself In The Morning. Sleep Till Noon. Very good restful advice

Dubai. A lovely multi-coloured magnet. Family trip, family nightm....sorry, family memories!
Arsenal-Champions League. Sigh....seems like only yesterday.
Food Slut. Yes, I am, the worst sort, the cheapest sort!
Police Dept., New York City. Why on earth are we acknowledging the police in possibly the most racist country on the planet?
Barcelona. Who put this on my fridge?? Oh, wait...I think it's the daughter from down the road. 

I Know I'm In My Own World. It's Ok, They Know Me Here. They may indeed know me, but it doesn't mean they like me.
I Have Not Spoken To My Wife In 6 Months. I Don't Want To Interrupt Her. You all think I am exaggerating...
All The Things I Really Like To Do Are Either Illegal, Immoral Or Fattening. If I was to start listing them you would understand.
I'd Like To Help You Out. Which Way Did You Come In? The most polite way I could think of to get rid of an unwanted creature.

Anyone Can Be Cool, But Awesome Takes Practice. Lorraine Peterson (no idea who she is).
If You're Going Through Hell, Keep Going. Winston Churchill (short, fat, white man, with cigar and brandy).
Too Much Of A Good Thing Can Be Wonderful! Mae West (sex personified).

I'm Not A Complete Idiot; Some Parts Are Missing. But not many.
I Had A Mind Once. Now I Have Small Children. Okay, so they are not small anymore, but the sentiment prevails.
I Love My Country. It's The Government I'm Afraid Of. I honestly can't remember which government was in place when I bought this in Washington.
I Try To Watch What I Eat...But I'm Not Fast Enough. My hands and my mouth are FAST!

Bill Clinton For First Gentleman. He almost made it too!
If I Have A Choice...Let It Be Death By Chocolate! Oh yes!
The First 40 Years Of Parenthood Are The Worst. You mean there's more to come??
Step Away From The Fridge! As if I would ever!

Yes, Marriage Can Be Fun. Trouble Is, You're Married All The Time. This is a public forum you know...
Everyone Brings Joy To This House. Some When They Enter, Some When They Leave. Start counting in your own house; you'll see what I mean.
Live Your Dreams. Except Maybe For That One About Being Eaten By A Giant Spider. True.
Anyone Can Be A Father. It Takes Someone Special To Be A Daddy. I had to buy and install this one myself otherwise I would have suffered a major crisis of confidence.

Paris. Paris Eiffel Tower. Paris Arc De Triomphe. Paris Disneyland. Paris-All! Obviously, some people are having a love affair with Paris in this house.
Cote D'Azur. Daughter #1 brought this back.
London Eye. We've all been but no idea who brought this back.
Senegal Trotro. Daughter from another house down the road brought this back from Dakar
Amsterdam Canal. Amsterdam Cyclist. Windmill. We like The Netherlands too, and you know....the windmill rotates!
Arsenal. Best team on the planet! Um....which planet?

Save The Earth. It's The Only Planet With Chocolate. The best reason ever!
There's Nothing Wrong With Me That A Little Chocolate Won't Fix. Just a little....all the time. 
Home Is Where the Hugs Are. You might get them somewhere else but not as intense as these ones.
We Child Proofed The House...But They're Still Getting In. Should we move and not tell them where we are??

Children Are A Blessing. You Never Know When You'll Need Blood Or A Spare Kidney. And hopefully, they won't charge you too much.
The Opinions Expressed By The Husband Of The House Are Not Necessarily Those Of The Manager. I know my place.
Dust Is What Gives A Home A Warm And Fuzzy Feeling. Really? I thought that had something to do with 'dumsor'.
You Can Fool Some Of The People Some Of The Time, But You Can't Fool Mum. This Mum...

Fridge magnets are good for your home and your office. The more people you share them with the better. You can even give them as gifts. Especially if you have been trying to say something unpalatable to someone....and you cannot....and you find the perfect words....on a magnet. Bam!

In my case....it's good to look at what's on the fridge....instead of being inside it....as usual.


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