A Thank you tribute to Kofi Annan

A Thank you tribute to Kofi Annan
Source: Seth Kwame Awuku
Date: 13-09-2018 Time: 02:09:18:am

Today, a global icon sleeps that sleep of eternity

Today, Ghana's finest rests that rest of serenity

A quintessential product of Mfantsipim bids us goodbye

An outstanding UN actor, we wave you too, bye


Today we wear our mournful Black and say demirifa due

We pay our last respect as we mournfully walk around your casket


But should we mourn, should we bemoan?

Should we grief for, should we weep for?

Should we hold our chin, should we twist and turn?


But we hear you say: there are moments we weep not

This is a moment we must appreciate a lot

We hear you say, this is not a moment of pain

This is a moment of triumph, a moment of gain


You acted like a Joseph yet wiser than a Pharaoh,

A strong respecter of the Rule of law, an advocate of world peace,

As Head of the united nations, you Put Ghana on the world map,

You made Ghana proud among the comity of nations,

We say thank you, thank you in the millions


Though you lacked at the United Nations, military might

You won often with diplomatic tact and foresight

Your expression of opinion as the UN head was never forceful,

Dignified in style, your expression of opinion was always peaceful

Your win win negotiation skills was well respected

So was your principled toughness equally admired


We say thank you Dr Kofi Annan for being you

And we thank you for the exemplary leadership too.


Doctor, We weep not, we thank you a lot ayeeko

Rest in peace.