The Mayor of Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Elizabeth Tawiah Sackey, has warned that the Assembly will deal with institutions that fail to pay levies and arrears.

The Mayor said this when she visited some companies in Accra for Revenue Mobilisation and to inspect their operations.

It was also to allow her to examine the level of tax compliance by these entities.

She noted that this has become necessary as the Assembly’s current financial status is not encouraging. AMA authorities say they need more revenue to develop the city.

According to her, this will not be a nine-day wonder, but it will continue until all the institutions pay their arrears to the Assembly because building a new Accra will not be possible without money.

She urged them to do well to settle their bills; otherwise, the bye-laws will deal with the recalcitrant ones who refuse to pay.

“I have personally come to their doorsteps to know them and to build a good relationship with them and a better rapport. Thereafter, if they have any challenge I should know, the right thing to do is to ask them to pay their bills.

Because we are here to put things right, regularise issues and let us know how much they are paying and how much they are left to pay, the arrears and others. So that I can collect all and then ensure all the necessary things are done.”

The AMA has bye-laws, and it has sanctions for those who do not pay their property rate, business operations and many others, and they know where the sanction will lead them to, they will have to face the court. So it’s something which is there, and they have to abide by it,” she said during the tour in Accra.

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