The Ghana Police Service has revealed that six persons, wanted for robbery and murder cases, have been arrested in the last 24 hours.

The suspects, currently under investigation are Kofi Poku, Dennis Atta Asamoah Snr, Dennis Atta Asamoah Jnr – all drivers’ mates, Asante Edward alias “Oboi,” Dauda Appiah and Yusif Abdullah. 

In a press release, the Police Service revealed that preliminary investigations indicate that suspects Kofi Poku, Dennis Atta Asamoah Snr., Denis Atta Asamoah Jnr and Asante Edward, allegedly stabbed and snatched the handbag of one Sherifa Yakubu.

“The 22-year-old apprentice hairdresser, was on her way to Asokore Mampong, when she met her untimely death at the Kumasi Academy SHS (KUMACA) Junction. She was rushed to the Manhyia Government Hospital but died shortly on arrival,” parts of the statement read.

Police arrest 6 suspects for robbery and murder

In another case in the Savannah Region, suspects, Dauda Appiah and Yusif Abdullah, allegedly robbed their victim of his gold-detecting machine at gunpoint at Telekura. 

“Other accomplices are currently on the run. A search conducted on them led to the recovery of an empty shell of G3 ammunition, a single barrel gun and a cutlass.”

The Police stated that the suspects were arrested through intelligence-led operations. They are all in Police custody awaiting trial.

“We thank the public for their continued support and wish to give the assurance that the Police will continue to work tirelessly to make our communities safer.”

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