Police have dropped their investigation into a Conservative MP who was arrested after a woman accused him of rape, sexual assault, and coercive control.

The former minister, who is in his 50s, was arrested on 1 August and taken into custody at an east London police station before later being released on bail.

He was accused by a young woman who used to work in parliament, however, the MP has always denied the allegations.

The Metropolitan Police had said they received allegations on 31 July of sexual offences and assault relating to four separate incidents at addresses in London, including in Westminster, between July last year and January this year.

Last night, a police spokesman said: “Following a thorough investigation, and based on all evidence made available to officers, the decision was taken that the case did not meet the evidential test and no further action will be taken.”

The man has been made aware of the police decision, the force said.

A day after the MP’s arrest, Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick said that parliament “needs to be” a safe environment for young women to work in.

“There has clearly been some very difficult allegations and cases in recent years,” he told Times Radio.

“We need to make sure, like any other workplace, it is one that’s fit for everybody, where everybody feels safe and comfortable working, and when allegations are raised they are treated with the seriousness they deserve.”

The investigation came days after former Conservative MP Charlie Elphicke was convicted at Southwark Crown Court in a separate case of sexually assaulting two women, one of whom was a parliamentary worker.