Transport Consultant and road safety expert Cecil Gabrah has condemned the promises and calls by politicians to legalise the use of motorbikes aka ‘Okada’ in the country.

He warned against the use of regularisation of the Okada business to lure the youth for votes.

“Politicians must not take advantage of their inability to create jobs for the youth and use Okada as bait for votes. That is so wrong in politics and they must stop it”.

“The risk involved is too high. In Accra alone we have a lot of very fatal cases. Speak to Korle Bu Teaching and 37 Military Hospital and they will give you the daily statistics of fatalities,” he said.

This comes after the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) promised to reverse the ban on the commercial operation of motorbikes if voted into office.

This stance has been challenged by a section of the public while others believe the commercial use of motorbikes has come to stay, citing the creation of jobs.

The transport consultant noted that the enforcement system is weak hence it will be impossible to regulate the use of Okada.

“If you create jobs and people are going to die what are you talking about?” Mr Gabrah quizzed.

The debate of whether or not the commercial use of motorbikes should be used or not is longstanding.

Various governments have tried to either ban or check the activities of the users of motorbikes due to the fatality rate associated with them.

However, they have petitioned government to legalise their operations since it is a form of employment for them.

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