Law Professor Joy Henrietta Mensa-Bonsu says poor decision-making by commercial drivers when they are on the road is the cause of most road accidents. 

Acknowledging that road accidents are caused by multiple factors, she explained that drivers need to properly calculate when they are driving because as much as driving is a skill, it also involves mathematics.

“Drivers are making bad decisions on the roads and as a teacher, I’ve taken interest in checking which of the drivers have a good sense of mathematics,” the academic who was part of a panel celebrating Women on Joy FM said, Monday.

“In overtaking [for example] you can tell it is poor calculation. We may not think of these things but in truth some of the poor decisions are based on a poor sense of calculation.

Whether I can overtake this vehicle and be safe or whether indeed I need to overtake the vehicle at all,” the Law professor added.

“Then we also have people who ordinarily don’t have much power but sit behind the wheel of powerful vehicles, the drivers feel powerful and they bully smaller vehicles on the road,’ she cited as an example of another poor judgement made on the roads by drivers.

Prof. Mensah-Bonsu who was reacting to the latest fatal road accident which killed at least 30 people on the Kintampo-Tamale Highway Monday morning, suggested that perhaps it is time to study why such deadly accidents occur.

“It’s a multiplicity of factors [which causes road accidents] so maybe we really should take time to study what is happening because we can’t keep losing numbers.”