The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has urged the youth in the country to reflect on the varied legacies and actions of forebearers and emulate their commitment and high standards for progressive development in the country.

As Ghana celebrates its courageous heroes, particularly while remembering the 111th Birthday of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, the Party has encouraged the nation’s youth to be guided by a sense of discipline and support for the local industry.

It said one important milestone worthy of praise was Nkrumah’s Accelerated Development Plan for Education, which produced many brilliant professionals across the political divide because it was free for all. 

“As we celebrate this day, let us count our blessings and stand proud by striving to curb corruption, bolster the economy, consolidate democratic governance, deal with insecurity and honour Nkrumah’s vision to industrialize the nation with Ghanaians at the commanding heights of the economy,” it said. 

“May we never forget that governments will come and go, but citizens will always remain the ultimate foundation of what is real and worthy”.