The Volta Regional Lands Commission has clarified that it has not sold public lands around Kabore School in Ho as being alleged by some residents. 

According to the Chairperson of the Volta Regional Lands Commission Board, her outfit was compelled to reallocate lands around the school to persons who were issued lands around the residency before 2017. 

Mama Dzidoasi I made this known during a stakeholders’ forum to resolve concerns of residents on the alleged sales of the lands to New Patriotic Party (NPP) members, their cronies, and government appointees. 

Some residents in the Volta Region petitioned stakeholders to investigate the alleged sales and allocation of lands around Kabore School in the regional capital, Ho. 

Speaking at the forum, Stanley Glatey, a member of the Coalition of Concerned Volta Youth lamented that these lands which could be saved for future use by the state, are being given to members of the governing NPP and government officials. 

He added that some NPP members who claimed ownership of some state lands confronted traders on some of the public lands and threatened to evict them. 

A whistleblower and Assembly Member for the Ho Central Electoral Area, Adzome Emmanuel also alleged that some members of the Commission’s Board have merited from the sales of the public lands. 

He suggested that lands that were given out be retrieved and structures being developed on them demolished in earnest. 

However, the Board Chairperson of the Volta Regional Lands Commission, Mama Dzidoasi, disputed the allegations adding that she had never signed a lease document for the allocation of land to any member of the board as alleged. 

She reiterated the commission’s commitment to protecting public lands for their intended use and urged the public to contact their offices for clarifications on issues of concern. 

The Volta Regional Minister, Dr. Archibald Letsa, reaffirmed his stance on the sales of public lands and indicated that he was alarmed at the spate of issuance of public land between 2012 and 2016 hence his actions. 

He lamented that lands that were reserved for use by public institutions were being distributed, including those around the Residency, the seat of government in the Volta Region, where preparations were underway to construct a hospitality facility. 

“My greatest worry was that people who can afford lands were the ones benefiting from these public lands”, he stressed. 

Dr. Letsa reiterated that no public land has been allocated under his watch, however, the commission had to reissue to individuals who managed to secure lands before 2017, hence the allocation of lands around Kabore School. 

“My sons have not applied for any land in Ho. We have enough lands in Klefe”, he clarified on the allegations that his sons were issued lands in recent times.