The Leadership of the Government and Hospital Pharmacists Association (GHOSPA) have expressed their dissatisfaction with the interpretation given to the term ‘frontline health worker’ by some high ranking state officials.

According to GHOSPA, it is not enough that the term has been reduced to only health workers in the lockdown areas instead of health workers all over the country.

“We are, therefore, calling for a re-look at the definition of ‘frontline health workers’.

In the President’s 5th address to the state concerning the national effort towards the fight against Covid-19 pandemic, he announced an incentive package for ‘frontline health workers’.

It included among many others, three months tax-free emoluments for all health workers from April to June, free bus rides to and from the workplace for all health workers in the locked-down areas and 50% of basic salary as an additional allowance over the next three months.

But the question of who is a ‘frontline health worker’ is yet to be answered as GHOSPA registers its discontent.

We are not satisfied with the interpretations being given to the term ‘frontline health worker’,” the Association said.

“We recommend a quick re-look at that definition to include all health staff in all regions of the nation, and not only those at the designated 56 treatment centres.

“Otherwise, this incentive package may turn out to become a disincentive to other health workers in the other facilities to reduce their vigilance. And that could spell doom for the entire nation,” they explained.