After years of backing pantheons of the gospel music industry, Restoration Temple’s Worship Leader, Instrumentalist and Assistant Choir Director, Lordable Holm, is out with a new gospel single, ‘My Light’.

Just like biblical Joseph whose prison-to-prime minister story was on the account of a dream, Lordable’s transition from the backroom of Ghana’s gospel industry to the frontline was also on account of a dream.

In an interview shortly after the launch of the song, Holm explained that ‘My Light’ was born out of the darkness of a dream which threatened fear, adding however that, ‘the fear succumbed to the power of God’s glory’.

“Sometime last year I had a dream. I was in a dark place with names written all over. I felt certain heaviness and I was sinking, but I heard a voice that became the foundation scripture of the song.

Psalm 27 which says the Lord is my Light and my salvation….” he said.

But the dream was not all. It took a gospel music promo competition on radio organized by Koda for Holm to emerge from obscurity into the limelight.

He reveals that it wasn’t up until the last day of the competition that he sent his entry.

A great guitarist and even finer on the piano with a soothing voice of worship at a very young age, Lordable Holm possessed everything a great musician would ask for.

But he was shy, and he needed ‘an Aaron’ to overcome the trait. According to him, that Aaron came in the form of the many giant voices of praise and worship.

They included Steve Crown, Celestine Donkor, Ike Nanor, Rev Eric Kwarpong, Freda Music et cetera, all of whom he worked under and assisted at some point.

Even though ‘My Light’ is a call for total surrender to God to lead and to direct, it is also a transition of Holm’s journey into the limelight.

An astute banker, Lordable says he has been ‘called to produce music’, and not necessarily to do business.

He says he invested time, money and resources into the project yet hopes the journey would have been a lot smoother.

“I believe in this dream. The best person to invest in me is myself. So I took it upon myself, invested the savings I had to start.

I pray to God and ask that this turns out right because you can’t go into something you are not sure of. But I pursued this because of my convictions,” he stated.

Holm is relishing an even greater career in gospel music and is looking up to some of the biggest worship icons like Joe Mettle, the late Danny Nettey, Nii Okai, Koda and many others.