The CEO of the Rigworld Group, Dr Kofi Abban, has extended a big hand of support to his alma mater Mfantsipim School in the wake of general difficulties in the nation’s senior high schools.

An earlier myjoyonline report with the headline “Senior high schools risk shutdown as food shortage situation worsens” gave an indication that some schools were having major difficulties.

Dr Kofi Abban, on hearing this immediately decided to present 1000 bags of rice 1000 cartons of milk, 100 gallons of cooking oil and 300 bags of sugar to the school’s administration.

Rigworld CEO supports Mfantsipim School in the wake of food shortages

“The situation is a rather unfortunate one. I was touched by the reports and wanted to ensure that my alma mater is cushioned in these rather tough times. It’s important that the continuing students get the right environment to study in.

These unfortunate circumstances have the potential to creat panic among parents and students alike. I do wish them well,” the Rigworld CEO told myjoyonline.

“This is only a gesture to express my continuous gratitude Ghana’s oldest second cycle institution for the values inculcated in me during my years there.”

He is hopeful that the situation can soon so schools across the country can return to normal operations.

 Dr Kofi Abban has years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry, and has had stints with Atwood Hunter and Banda wells in Ghana.

Kofi is the founder and visionary leader of Rigworld International Services which offers Support services for IOC’s drilling contractors and other service companies, and also championed all of Rigworld’s joint partnerships with foreign entities including Maersk Drilling, Damco, Petroc, Odell Well Services and Ropetec.