Shatta Wale (Photo by: Chocolate Shot It)

Shatt Wale is urging his fellow artistes to make some changes and learn more about the career they are pursuing.

According to him, that is the only way the country’s music industry will be taken seriously.

His comments come after government of Kenya allocated Ksh.100 million equivalent to $944,356 to musicians to help them entertain the public while Nairobi goes on lockdown.

“Our industry is a big disgrace to the world,” Shatta Wale tweeted.

He explained that Ghana’s industry is not accorded the same treatment other industry are given mainly because of the artistes.

“Many musicians in Ghana don’t know the job they pursuing so how can our government take us serious.”

The Borjor hitmaker compared being an artiste in the industry to being a worker at a public washroom “full of sh$%t and worms.”

He urged upcoming musicians to be cautious because the industry always has a favourite.