Iona (credit: Instagram - @ionareine)

Musician Iona Reine has taken to Instagram to show her followers how to examine their breast for cancer.

The artiste, who doubles as a nurse, stated that it was essential women take advantage of the October breast cancer awareness month to ensure they are safe.

In a video posted on Instagram, Iona took her followers through the needed steps of a home examination.

The singer also noted somethings people should take serious and report to a health facility including blood or greenish yellowish discharge after squeezing their nipples.

In another post, Iona posted a video detailing Stephanie Benson’s breast cancer journey.

Meanwhile, Joy FM is dedicating its mid-morning show Cosmopolitan Mix to awareness creation.

Dubbed Pink October, the team helping to educate listeners and address their questions on breast cancer.

This advocacy, in partnership with Trust Hospital, will include all the tips on breast cancer, self-examination, early detection, symptoms, risk factors, prevention and care.

The team will also hold free screening for cherished listeners during the month.