Dreams FC's Ameenu Shadow in Joy FM studio

Dreams FC Administrative Manager, Ameenu Shadow, has said the Covid-19 relief fund allocated to Premier League clubs is not enough though he gave props to the association for their effort in administering the total funds to the necessary stakeholders.

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) announced the disbursement of the $1.8 million they will be receiving from FIFA and CAF in an effort to support the football industry which has been affected by the pandemic

The GFA indicated that $270,000 from the total amount will go to the 18 top-flight clubs, meaning each club will receive $15,000.

From the $270,000 allocated, $180,000 will be received by the clubs in July and the remainder will come in January 2021.

Shadow, who was a key member of the GFA boss Kurt Okraku’s campaign team, started by acknowledging the fact that the money to be shared among the clubs is not enough.

However, he sympathized with the body due to the total amount received.

“The money is not enough. The money is just not enough. We at the Premier League level would have wished to earn more money and I’m sure the GFA and other member associations wish that it is not just 1.8 million [dollars] coming in but rather 5 million [dollars] or 6 million [dollars]. I don’t have issues with people who have raised concerns on how the money has been allocated,” he said on Joy Sports’ Link.

Shadow went on to commend the GFA for trying to allocate the seemingly limited resources among many stakeholders.

“For me personally and honestly, I have looked at the allocation sheet and if we are going to go by the FIFA directive that this money should go to the benefit of some people rather than football fraternity, I think the GFA has done its bid in trying to ensure that at least these limited resources reach as many stakeholders as possible.”

He also noted that women’s football, which are set to earn $500,000 from the fund are greatly benefiting from both FIFA and the GFA this year.

“If we look at women’s football, this is the time to be in women’s football honestly. I wish I was part of women’s football. The kind of allocation that they are getting [is very big]. They have already secured a package from the YEA.”

He had hoped for the same treatment for the premier league as the women’s football but ultimately concluded that he had no major issues with the allocation.

“I would have loved that FIFA would have allocated the same money going to women’s football for Premier League football but this shows their priority now. Personally, I don’t have any major issues.”