The Senegal football association have offered to support the clubs with over $1.8 million after the season was cancelled as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The FA on Wednesday decided to put “a definitive end” to all competitions of the 2019-2020 season, without however awarding the titles that were at stake. They also decided to freeze promotions and relegations at all levels.

According to the FA, their decision is justified by the “insufficient ratio of matches played” by the clubs.

The executive committee agreed at a meeting on the same day to support the clubs in the various divisions as well as the women’s teams.

The money will be shared effectively after receipt of support from FIFA (US$ 1.5 million), CAF (US$500,000) and Government of Senegal.

Below is breakdown of how the money will be shared:

Top-Tier – US$26,000 each club

Second-Tier – US$17,000 each club

Third-Tier – US$12,000 each club

Fourth Tier – US$5,200 each club


First-Tier – US$5,200 each club

Second-Tier – US$3,500 each club

Other beneficiaries of the money are; Regional clubs, Beach Soccer, Sports Managers Association, Association of former footballers, FA Employees Association, Doctors Association and others.