Mass gatherings have rocked the capital Bangkok

Thailand has revoked an emergency decree it imposed a week ago as it tried to end months of protests against the prime minister and the monarchy.

An official statement said the “violent situation” that had led to the decree had eased.

The measures, which banned gatherings of more than four people and imposed a curfew, prompted even larger rallies.

On Wednesday protesters gave PM Prayuth Chan-ocha three days to step down or face more demonstrations.

The student-led movement is demanding the resignation of Mr Prayuth, a former general who seized power in a 2014 coup and last year became prime minister after a controversial vote.

They want a new election, amendments to the constitution and an end to the harassment of state critics.

They are also demanding curbs on the king’s powers – a call that has led to unprecedented public discussion of an institution shielded from criticism by law.