President Nana Akufo-Addo has called for stricter adherence to Covid-19 safety protocols as the declining number of active cases have seen a spike lately.

He warned against the shunning of safety directives such as wearing face masks and practicing good personal hygiene.

This follows the recent increase in daily infections in the country after the previous numbers were reducing.

Speaking in his 19th address to the nation on measures to deal with the global pandemic, the President entreated the observance of safety directives stated by the Ghana Health Service (GES).

“It is very clear that the more we adhere to Covid-19 safety protocols the quicker we defeat the virus,” he advised.

President Akufo-Addo further stated that he has personally observed that people are throwing caution to the wind regarding the Covid-19 safety protocols.

“I’ve seen it firsthand how in some regions of our country, some residents are abandoning altogether the protocols such as wearing of masks, put in place to defeat the virus,” he said, Sunday.

He cited the sharp decline “from 44.3% to 5%” in the adherence to safety protocols in Accra according to survey reports from the Ghana Health Service (GES).

“This is not acceptable as enhanced hygiene and mask wearing protocols must now be central features of our lives,” he said.

“Severe sanctions exist in our law for persons who want to continue to disregard these protocols and those who want to endanger the rest of the population through their actions and negligence.

“The law enforcement agencies will where necessary apply these measures without fear or favour,” the President added.