Riots broke out in Kwapong, a town near Sankore in the Brong Ahofo Region Saturday dawn leaving at least three people dead.

The violence erupted after a young man was stabbed to death by a fetish priest, named only as Efo Kojo.

Deputy Regional Police Commander, DCOP Maxwell Atingani, told Joy News the fetish priest was arrested after a complaint was lodged with the police.

However, the youth in the area, according to DCOP Atingani, besieged the police station and started vandalizing property, baying for the blood of the fetish priest.

The Police refused to hand over Efo Kojo to the youth and fired warning shots to disperse the mob but a stray bullet hit two of the agitating youth killing them.

Kwapong is in the same region as Tuobodom, where gun violence between two factions a few days ago resulted in the death of five people with several others sustaining various degrees of injury.

A reprisal attack on Friday in Tuobodom again destroyed properties, including homes and cars, and threw the town into further turmoil.

However, the Brong Ahafo Regional Security Council told Joy News security in Tuoabodom has been tightened further to avert further reprisals.

DCOP Atingani told Joy News calm has been restored in Tuobodom.

He explains that although police are on high alert in the area, personnel are not overstretched.

He said Police is using strategy to restore calm at both Kwapong and Tuobodom.


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