Africa is well on its way to achieving a long-term goal of hers which is to be a better integrated continental community.

According to the 2019 Africa Visa Openness Index released Monday, African countries are becoming increasingly open to visitors from across the continent and have been making steady progress on all visa openness indicators on average since 2016.

The report which was produced by the African Development Bank and the African Union Commission illustrates progress made by African policymakers who are for free movement across Africa.

African travellers can get visas on arrival in more African countries now and can travel visa-free to a quarter of the countries in the continent says the report.

Having 51% of liberal access to the continent means that Africans can apply for visas on arrival in more countries without going through the much-hated and time-taking validation and documentation processes at national embassies across the continent.

The report reveals though that there are currently only two countries that allow complete visa-free travel for all Africans – Benin and Seychelles.

Other countries, Rwanda, Senegal, Uganda, Guinea Bissau, Mauritania and Mozambique provide visa-free or with ‘visa-on-arrival’ types of travel.

Ghana offers all options for travel to the country.