The Veterinary Services Directorate of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture has launched an electronic platform to enhance its operations.

The website is meant to aid information sharing among stakeholders.

Director General, Dr. William Adu Kuma, says this will provide a timely response to disease outbreaks.

The directorate observes manual operations at the directorate has caused a substantial delay in their activities.

“At the moment we’re using pen and paper. This is slow, sometimes a lot of calls to get information through and it’s not timely,” he observed.

“Disease outbreak has to be timely and this takes some time and this electronic system will help to control animal disease.”

Dr Adu Kuma urges farmers to visit the platform as it is easy to navigate.

He says the administrators have been trained to update the website to ensure reliability.  

Ashanti regional director of Agriculture, Rev. John Manu believes the platform will enhance agriculture development in Ghana.

“Farmers are going to be supported. For them, a disease outbreak means a collapse to their business. This will enhance our agricultural delivery system,” he is optimistic.