It is surprising to realise rapper Joey B has only been in the mainstream industry for seven years. It appears he’s been serving fans with great music for much longer.

Releasing back-to-back hits like Sweetie Pie, UxMe, Greetings From Abroad, Stables, have become his trademark.

Along with Mugees of R2Bees, Joey B has been tagged the king of features. Trust him to put a stamp on your song and it would forever be a crowd favourite. 

Joey B has released ‘La Familia’ (Spanish for family) to celebrate his breakthrough in the mainstream seven years ago. In the song, he does not only celebrate his ability to get fans entertained, friends he has made but also shares details on his seven-year experience.

The ‘Tonga’ hitmaker revealed he has met lots of people. Some good, others were with him for clout and left when things go down south. 

Joey B also talks about how magnificently his style of clothing has changed because of the position he finds himself in now. 

“I used to wear demma [their] shadas, I used to wear the demma, canvas. Now”Š I really paint pictures,” he said.

The song features rappers Kwesi Arthur and Sarkodie who are also following the trend Joey B by sharing some of their experiences.

For Kwesi Arthur, even though he came out in the age of the internet, the struggle has been as real as Sarkodie’s who claimed he began his rap journey in 1998.

Kwesi Arthur said in his short period, he has had issues with the media, gained some haters but still, is pushing to stand strong. He added he stays away from unimportant or controversial issues.

Sarkodie is still wondering why haters are still jealous of his success when he began his journey way before them. His record label Sarkcess Music, he disclosed, was birthed because of negative mindsets.

What many do not realise is that, these artistes are spilling a lot of juice in the song.

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Watch ‘La Familia’ below: