Economic Fighters League member, Abeku Adams, has been nominated MTN Heroes of Change, a program that recognises selfless service.

Abeku Adams was nominated for his volunteering work at Akyen Senior High School in Ekumfi in the Central region. The region faces social problems such as child trafficking, high school drop-out rates and poverty.

But with education seen as an escape route, facilities at the school where Abeku Adams volunteered, suffered a lack of logistics – a library without books.

“It had book shelves but no books,” he found in 2015.

He was inspired to begin a social media campaign, ‘Book The Shelves’, asking for books and funds to buy them.

It worked. After several weeks, he raised enough money and got books to fill the shelves. 

“We thought it was a miracle,” a student said after he walked into the library to find it full for the first time ever.

reading, library

Abeku Adams said with the books project completed, he feels a burden to ensure they are maintained.

Abeku Adams also belongs to a left-wing group, Economic Fighters League, which protested Parliament’s controversial plan to build a new chamber.

He was part of ‘Fighters’ who entered Parliament and screamed ‘drop that chamber’. He was arrested along with their leader, Ernesto Yeboah.

They were released later and plans to build the new Parliament shelved.

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