The Komenda Edina Eguafo Abirem (KEEA) Municipality has expressed its excitement about the many economic trees that were planted on Green Ghana Day.

The Municipal Coordinating Director of the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo Abirem (KEEA) Municipal Assembly, Emmanuel Ikpe Quacou, said such economic trees will serve the purpose of food security and urged the residents to continue to grow such trees in their neighborhood even after Green Ghana Day.

Mr. Quacou emphasized the need for the residents to take care of the plants in order for them to grow well. He indicated that while it was vital to plant trees, it was much more crucial to care for them as that was the only way to achieve this year’s initiative.

“It is good to plant trees, but it is more important to nurture the trees to grow in order to achieve the goal of greening Ghana. Last year’s trees have grown to beautify the environment, and we believe this year’s will add to it. This is not only to beautify the environment but to provide food for all of us in a few years,” ”he said.

An assembly member and chairperson for the small and medium-scale enterprises at the KEEA assembly, Alberta Akpleku, stated that the Green Ghana Day Initiative was a good one, adding that it will help in restoring Ghana’s fast depleting forest.

This move, she says, will aid in the country’s economic development because some of the trees planted were economic trees.

“The good thing is that some of these trees are economic trees. The coconut, avocado tree, and others. Hence, after planting and they bear fruit, the fruits are sold, which will bring us income, “she averred.

The assembly also paid a visit to the Abee community in Cape Coast, where it distributed seedlings to the chief’s palace and the local school.

The Divisional Chief of Edina Traditional Area, who doubles as the Chief of Abee community, Nana Teche Kesse V, emphasized the humanitarian and environmental importance of the planting of trees in various communities.

He said, “Trees provide us with oxygen and carbon dioxide. They also protect the soil from erosion, and the trees, as well, help us with good rainfall. ”

The chief expressed his delight and gratitude for the Green Ghana Initiative, promising to be an advocate for it and to encourage many people in his community to participate.

Mr. Emmanuel Ikpe Quacou, the Municipal Coordinating Director, spoke to students at the Abee A.M.E Junior High School about the environmental benefits of planting trees. The pupils were taught about the socio-economic value of trees and were encouraged not only to plant trees but also nurture them.

More than twenty-two thousand (22,000) seedlings were given to the KEEA Municipal Assembly by the Forestry Commission. To promote the initiative, these trees were primarily distributed to assembly members, community members, and schools.