Banky W and Adesua Etomi (Credit: Instagram - @adesuaetomi)

Nigerian singer, Banky W has revealed that he and his wife, actress Adesua Etomi, had once considered surrogacy after they had three failed IVF.

In a tell it all interview, the singer stated that he and his wife had a tough time conceiving thus they thought surrogacy would be their best bet to getting a child.

He said that while going through that process, many people on social media were mocking them for failing to produce a child after a few years of marriage.

“Every day, there was one rumour or the other about us on the internet. Some said I was impotent or my wife was barren. Sometimes these people are just projecting their hurt on us. We had IVF before we lost the twins. In all, we had three failed IVF.

However, after many failed attempts to conceive, Banky W said he suggested to his wife that they should take a break from trying to get pregnant and “let God have his way”.

After she agreed, the singer cum actor said they made no plans to get pregnant but they were surprised when his wife got pregnant and subsequently delivered their first child.

“We decided to stay one year without trying anything and trust God or adopt if that’s what God wants. Within that year of trusting God, we got good news,” he added.

Adesua Etomi-Wellington stated that anytime she had gained weight after an IVF, people assumed she was pregnant. She added that after suffering in the hands of trolls she sought God’s help for a miracle.

“Some said I’m barren. You did something with your womb. I heard all sorts and every single time I heard that I just went back to God telling him to show himself, since I serve him faithfully, he should let them know I serve him. I felt like God was not coming through, it was like a monthly breakdown. We had multiple failed IVF, I have veins in my hand that no longer work.”

She stated that having IVF took both emotional and physical toll on her.

Adesua also revealed that she was once pregnant with twins but unfortunately, suffered a miscarriage.