Wecomm, an agri-media marketing agency and consultancy, has launched unto the market, first-ever agribusiness magazine in West Africa dubbed ‘AgriGold Magazine.’

This is to boost agricultural production and services in the trans-African trade community.

To build a formidable and resilient market system for agribusinesses and organisations, the magazine intends to provide detailed and analytical know-how of strategies required of a successful agricultural trade system.

Compiled by WeComm, the magazine acknowledges the stages of seedling and the involvement of food supply chain transparency for agribusiness owners, while providing the needful support in a form of communication for agribusinesses to continue a successful all-round farm production without the interference of climate change.

Deputy Minister for Food and Agriculture, Mohammed Hardi Tufeirua launched the “Agrigold Magazine” at Spintex, in Accra on Thursday.

Commending the efforts of WeComm, the Deputy Minister reiterated that the magazine would play a significant role in the implementation of government’s flagship programme, ‘Planting for Food and Jobs’.

“The magazine would bridge the information gap among players in the agricultural sector by highlighting all that was needed for one to successfully engage in agriculture activities”, he elaborated.

According to him, the magazine would provide information on the necessary inputs to be used and marketing strategies to help farmers reap the full benefits of their labour. 

General Manager of WeComm Agri-media and Consultancy Limited, Edwin Narter addressed the need for sector players to grab copies of the magazine, which would be a guide to boost the agribusiness activities and yield more income.

He stressed that there were a lot of opportunities in the agriculture sector, and the “Agrigold Magazine” would bring the information to the public to increase participation and also boost the income levels of the economy.

Adding that, there is gold in Agriculture and “AgriGold Magazine” is the beginning towards the valuable ways of harnessing this Gold.

“This magazine seeks to inform, educate and inspire the general public primarily in the field of agri-business by sharing very interesting live style articles of women or men in the business in simple language taking away all the technical terms to help farmers,” Mr Narter explained.

The magazine, which has an online news portal version, www.agrigoldmagazine.com, would provide simplified messages to people in the agriculture value chain.

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