The stretcher used to execute death row prisoners

Amnesty International Ghana says even though it is disappointed with the Deputy Attorney-General designate’s position to disapprove scrapping of the death penalty from the country’s law books, it will ride on the support of the President to get the law removed.

The death sentence has not been executed for about 3 decades now prompting calls for its removal.

At least, 12 African countries including Togo, Cote D’Ivoire, Rwanda, Chad, Madagascar have all amended their laws.

But, Alfred Tuah Yeboah insists the state should carry out executions of people who have been sentenced to death, so it serves as a deterrence to murders.

“I think as we have in the USA if this House and other stakeholders may want we should venture into grading murders. Some of them I subscribe to the full execution of their sentences, if it happens that they have to be killed, they must be killed,” he told the Appointments Committee on Tuesday.

But National Campaign Coordinator for Amnesty International, Samuel Abotse says with support from the President and the Attorney General, the stance of the deputy attorney general won’t be a problem.

According to Mr Abotse, “Minus one voice as far as the campaign is concerned its not something that expected let alone will lead from deputy Attorney General would have loved that he’s with us, but then we are not disturbed at all.”

“In any case, we’ve gone past the view expressed by Deputy Attorney General, because we have met the president, already. And then, the President has bought into our proposal that is to amend Criminal Offences Act 29, Section 46 and related offences out the death penalty, out of our criminal books.”