West Hills Mall consolidated its reputation as Accra’s most alluring destination for hot, ready-to-eat foods with the opening of the ‘New York Sizzlers Pastries & Ice Cream’.

The mall’s food court, already the toast of patrons from a mixed-bag of social categories across communities in Accra West and beyond is home to seven exclusive delicatessen and eateries and, with the arrival of the patisserie, has become a very compelling pull for Accra’s biggest family shopping centre.

After trading for only a few days, patrons say the arrival of New York Sizzler Pastries and Ice Cream was long overdue, underscoring the thinking that there had always been a yearning for oven-fresh baker’s confectioneries in the communities of Accra West all along.

“What inspired our coming to Accra’s trendiest family mall is the sudden realisation that there is no up-to-standard pastry outlet anywhere across the catchment area and in the communities of Accra West.

“So, what we now have here at West Hills Mall is a one-stop-shop for all types of pastries,” Mr. Prosper Kumi, CEO of New York Sizzlers Pastry and Ice Cream told reporters at the opening event.

Located next to the Basilissa restaurant at the food court, the Sizzler pastries specializes in general pastry dishes like samosa, croissants, brioche, waffles, pies, quiches and cakes.

The gourmet choices are extended to include sandwiches and cookies, along with the house’s special brand of hot chocolates, coffee, and smoothies.

“We have joined West Hills Mall’s famous food gallery with abundant culinary expertise and experience and our commitment stems purely from ensuring that we promote healthy eating among our patrons….as opposed to the excessive oily and fatty diets most people are accustomed to”, Mr. Kumi said.

He announced that the patisserie is open to customers throughout the week, from 8:00am till 8:00pm on weekdays and from 8:00am till 10:00pm on weekends and operates a large volume of takeaway services but also has the facility to cater for a limited number of eat-in customers.

New York Sizzlers Pastries and Ice cream joins an exciting crop of new stores which was introduced into West Hills Mall’s tenant portfolio over the past ten months and which has greatly enriched the shopping experience of shoppers and patrons, even within the restrictive social environment of Covid-19.