An engineer from the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has indicated that electrical power supply to any household can only be carried out based on the availability of an inspection certificate issued by the Energy Commission.

According to Ing. Felix Afagloh, the inspection certificate is proof that the building has been inspected by an Energy Commission inspector thus ready to be examined by the ECG.

He stressed on the fact that per law, without that document, the premises would not be inspected and thus would be declined access to power supply.

“The applicant. The prospective customer will submit a certified test result from an Energy Commission inspector contractor showing that, yes they have inspected, certified the installation. So based on that document, ECG can now go-ahead to do a visual inspection and give an estimate to the prospective customer.”

Speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Thursday, Mr. Afagloh stressed that ECG only does visual inspection of the facility.

“ECG has no mandate to test your installation before connection. The inspectors of Energy Commission are supposed to test and certify that everything is safe. So ECG will only go and do visual inspection and give you an estimate. And when you pay, then we connect the power supply to your place.”

With a series of fires gutting buildings and public spaces, Mr Afagloh noted that such buildings have illegal connections, thus have not been certified by the ECG.

“That means somebody has illegally tapped the power. That’s why when we see the illegal connection, we disconnect them,” he explained.

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