Women’s Haven Africa is leading the charge to expose ladies in digital media.

The hub is providing opportunities for women to harness their potential in the space.

After 6 weeks of training, Women’s Haven Africa is providing support services for innovative young women in digital media.

The training reflects the hub’s commitment to gender equality and economic growth.

“I realized that there’s a wide gender gap when it comes to entrepreneurship, leadership and technology especially in Kumasi. Women’s Haven Africa is connecting women to opportunities and the resources they would need to be able to thrive by giving them the platform,” said Adwoa Fosua, CEO of Women’s Haven Africa.

Fifteen ladies were trained to come up with their own business ideas.

Nine ladies were grouped into three teams to pitch their innovative ideas to a panel of investors at the Kumasi North Local Startup Summit.  

Women's Haven Africa exposes ladies to digital media

Two teams were selected to go into incubation in digital media after pitching their business ideas.

“Fifteen young women were trained but nine participants were selected and grouped into three teams for pitching competition.

“They’re to pitch their ideas to a panel of investors for funding and opportunities,” she said.

Winners expressed their gratitude to the organization for the 6 weeks training.

“After graduating from the university, I was unemployed. So, I joined the training and it has been really helpful. I’m really grateful for the opportunity,” Samira Sanni, content creator of the team noted.

The Kumasi North Local Startup Summit was organized in collaboration with Ghana Tech Lab.

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