Ranking Member on the Works and Housing Committee, Emmanuel Kwasi Bedzrah says the Zongo community is capable of welcoming social housing interventions despite Imani Africa’s affordable housing report which says otherwise.

This he said can be achieved when the right procedures and education are put in place to ensure that residents in the Zongo community would be more susceptible to adopting newer and healthier living patterns.

Imani Africa’s report noted that the majority of Zongo communities are filled with low-income earners, where their low income limits them from accessing decent and good homes.

According to Mr. Bedzrah, the National Democratic Congress was going to execute this by liaising with some banks and other financial institutions to launch the Zongo housing scheme to provide support for affordable housing in Zongo and deprived settlements.

“We did some analysis and we believe we should be able to put up houses for our underprivileged brothers and sisters in the Zongo community,

“There is the rent-to-own scheme where you rent and pay for the rent and after 15-20 years, they own it,” he said.

An initiative Imani described as overly ambitious since Banks would not be too open to investing in an area where its residents don’t mind sleeping in slums.

According to Mr Bedzrah, the NDC has put in place flexible procedures that will draw the Zongo people in and make them invest in affordable housing.