Some 15,200 persons have been negatively affected by recent floods after torrential rain and the spillage of the Bagre Dam in the Northern Region.

About 120 communities in nine districts have seen devastating impacts as a result of the recent flood.

The floods have led to the destruction of about 400 homes of citizens in the Region.

Farmers have presented their plight and grievances over the destruction of large acres of land used for farming in the localities.

According to sources, a bridge that served as a means of commuting from one town to the other has been destroyed leaving people of the Tolon District helpless over means of transportation.

The Kumbungu District was the worst affected area in the Northern Region sources have said. About 7,000 lives have been displaced with no means of security and shelter.

“About 3185 adults and 3813 children have been displaced,” the source said.

In the Svalegu Municipality, 3,000 people have been rendered homeless.

Following the affected areas in the region are Saboba, Tolon, Tatale, Zabzugu and Gushegu with 1,288, 1054, 998, 865 and 439 displaced persons respectively.

The least affected areas are Yendi and Karga with 317 and 287 displaced persons in the Northern region.